4 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Stay Motivated

Starting a business can be an extremely exciting time for entrepreneurs. But the initial glow can quickly give way to the reality of long hours and economic stress, meaning it’s important for business owners to know how to keep their energy up. This article provides four ways entrepreneurs can stay motivated for the long haul.

Know Your Vision

If you’ve ever worked at a company where the vision and direction isn’t clear, then you probably know how demoralizing that can be. But the opposite is also true: If you have a clear vision that you’re passionate about, motivation will come easily. For tips on defining your vision, check out this article by Forbes contributor Erika Andersen, who writes that “having a clear vision and a deep sense of purpose” is extremely important for new businesses.

Schedule a Daily Routine

Having a set routine for each day is helpful for entrepreneurs in multiple ways. For one, it’ll ensure you always get something done. Moreover, it will save time and mental energy. For example, if you have a set list of tasks you complete every Tuesday, then you’ll no longer burn Tuesday mornings planning the rest of your day.

Maintain High Standards

Ever heard someone talk about a job where “no one cares?” That’s a recipe for low motivation–and a result of not having high standards for quality. Set reasonable but high benchmarks for yourself and employees to meet.

And don’t limit high standards to the workplace, either. Setting personal standards–like getting enough sleep and exercise–will boost the energy and motivation available for you to pour into your business.

Set Goals

Goals–both large and small–can help entrepreneurs stay motivated. If a task like a long project proposal seems overwhelming, then setting a goal can help you get started on it. For example, a morning’s goal could be to finish the introduction to that project proposal. This will save you from fretting over the entire proposal at once. Once you’re done with a goal, you can move on to a new one.


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