Outstanding Equipment Leasing Options

Every successful business owner understands the need to have his or her operations supported by the most up-to-date equipment available. Unfortunately, too many are in a hurry to buy such equipment to realize that doing so can, in a way, keep them from enjoying the competitive advantage it offers. We here at Anmarc Business Capital have been around long enough to see our fair share of poorly conceived business decisions backfire on even the most promising of companies. We’re here to ensure that the same thing does not happen to you.

The Disadvantages of Buying Your Equipment

How can buying your equipment outright potentially put you at a disadvantage? Consider the following drawbacks to buying:

  • Encountering obsolescence: Manufacturers tend to release new versions of their products every 18-24 months. When this happens, you’ll want to upgrade your equipment, yet you may find it difficult to unload the older models.
  • Dealing with variable interest rates: The interest rates that come with financing will often change over the life of your loan, which could cause your payments to fluctuate. Lease payments, on the other hand, remain fixed throughout the term of your agreement.
  • Affording the down payment: Your business capital is precious, so why tie it up to meet an expensive down payment?

Our Lease Financing Packages

To help overcome the challenges inherent with equipment ownership, we offer several equipment leasing packages between $150,000 to over $500,000. We require little to no down payment, and structure the terms of your lease to go out to up to 84 months. We even offer leaseback options where you sale your equipment to us and then lease it right back.
Small startups and companies with poor credit histories can use our lease packages to re-establish strong credit profiles. If yours is a municipal, state or federal agency, you’re guaranteed approval.

Equipment leasing has proven to be the best method at ensuring that your business is supported by the best equipment on the market. Let us here at Anmarc Business Capital provide you with the resources needed to ensure that your company has consistent access to the tools needed to succeed. For answers to your questions about our equipment financing options, call and speak with one of financial experts today.