How a Merchant Cash Advance Can Help Your Business

For small businesses that need quick funding for working capital or expansion projects, it’s sometimes difficult to get what you need from traditional financing. One solution that works for many smaller organizations is a merchant cash advance, or MCA. Here at Anmarc Business Capital, we can guide you through this type of funding process and answer your questions.

Why an MCA Could Be Right for You

An MCA may be the right solution if you or your company don’t have ideal credit. It is also a viable option if you’ve been turned down for other types of financing. Here are some other benefits MCA loans offer.

  • Fast Payment – Your funds can be available to your business right away.
  • Low Cost – You don’t have to worry about excessive fees, such as closing costs or fixed payments.
  • No Collateral – This type of loan requires no collateral, making it much more realistic for growing companies.
  • Easy Process – MCA loans require less paperwork and often have easy payback terms.

Flexible Options for Your Funds

An MCA also allows business owners to choose what they want to use their funds for, with no restrictions. If you need new equipment or supplies, you are free to go out and order what you need.

Get more information about the possibilities with a merchant cash advance by contacting Anmarc Business Capital today. Let us help your business achieve more today.