Learn About SBA Loan Programs

Business owners looking to expand or start a business can take advantage of one of the top programs offered to help new or growing companies, the SBA loan, or Small Business Administration loan. At Anmarc Business Capital, you can get information about how a small business loan can work for you.

Business Loan Possibilities

Getting an SBA loan may be the right choice to help your dreams of owning a successful business finally start to come together. A small business loan can be used to purchase, refinance or build commercial properties such as hotels, car dealerships, retail shops, gas stations, restaurants and much more. It’s also possible to finance other purchases to help build your business, such as equipment or other supplies and work to get your company off the ground and running.

Equipment Financing

Financing your equipment purchases to fuel your business’ growth or start a new venture is possible with small business borrowing options. Here are some of the ways that clients have used equipment financing to grow their business.

  • Vehicles and truck parts for a fleet or transportation company.
  • Heavy machinery for a manufacturing process or production company.
  • Medical devices to support a business providing health care services.
  • Printing and bindery equipment for the paper and publishing industry.

Getting Approved

Getting approved for a business loan for an existing company can be a simple and stress-free process. Your lender may look at your business’ income as well as your company’s cash flow history. You can also take advantage of getting up to 80 percent financing and a 15-year term, giving you manageable payments over time. If you opt to prepay your loan off early, you don’t have to worry about a penalty.

Contact Anmarc Business Capital today when you’re ready to get started on your SBA loan process. With a small business loan, you can start making your company be ready for higher profits and greater success.