The Common Rules of Customer Service

No matter what your business sells, your customer service will make or break the company. Everyone at the organization needs to be on the same page to provide guests with the best experience possible. Occasionally, this means making no profit or less than you would like, but what you will gain through positive word of mouth is priceless.


Answer the Phone 

Unless you are a major corporation, you need to have an actual person answering the phone. No one likes being greeted by a robot, and trying to reach the proper department can be a hassle. Even if you need to hire someone new onto your staff, your customers will appreciate the gesture.


Properly Deal With Complaints 

Not everyone is going to like your business. However, it is the way you act to these complaints that determines whether you will lose a customer permanently. For instance, a customer may not like the food he ordered at your restaurant. Replacing the meal at no additional cost will make the customer appreciative, and he may even be willing to give your place a second shot in the future.


Be as Helpful as Can Be

Most of the time, it is better to help out a customer and lose on some profit than try to make a quick buck. The secret to good customer service is to always focus on the customer rather than money. If you treat your customers with respect, then they will absolutely return to your business.


Go the Extra Mile

Doing the bare minimum will not do you much good in the long run. Train your staff to always look for opportunities to go the extra mile. For example, you could have an elderly woman come in who purchases a lot of groceries. Instead of sending her out the door on her own, have someone help her carry her bags to her car. She will appreciate it, and the other customers will see how much your business truly cares.


Offer Small Gestures of Thanks

Small tokens of your appreciation to your customers can go a long way. Even if you only offer a 10 percent coupon once in a while, it will make your customers excited. They will also be more likely to return if they know they can get some deals.


In an age where everyone can post reviews of businesses online, it is more important than ever to provide exceptional customer service. When you treat your customers like human beings, they take notice, and they will continue to do business with you.


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